An Update on Dematerialzd (now FiftyOne Insights)

Today we've got big news for Dematerialzd: A new name, a new PRO offering and a new podcast.

Hi, it’s Marc ✌️

Today we’re rebranding to FiftyOne Insights, formerly known as Dematerialzd. That’s right - we’ve changed our name - and that’s not the only thing. 

From our inception, I was deeply convinced that if we want to bring Web3 to consumers, we’ve got to get real about what works & doesn’t work, become more data-driven and start speaking a language business leaders understand.

Dematerialzd (now FiftyOne Insights) has been at the forefront of delivering high quality research on Web3 for consumer brands. 

Just as this industry has grown and evolved, so are we. 

Therefore we feel the need for a new name that better represents our expanded vision of the future of consumer engagement across blockchain infrastructure, data, gaming, immersive commerce, machine learning, and AI. 

Our expanded research and service offering includes: 

  • FiftyOne Insights: Delivering high-quality research and strategic intelligence. 

  • FiftyOne Ventures: Growing, scaling and investing in the future of consumer engagement.

  • FiftyOne Labs: Activist innovation partner to corporates and start-ups helping them to integrate emerging technologies mentioned above. 

To date, we’ve … 

  • Published 130+ research pieces

  • Generated  500,000+ impressions on Substack, 7M+ on LinkedIn

  • Grew from 0 to 9,000+, highest quality subscribers, many of them B2B

  • Broadened our network of partners and investors

We’re also launching our new PRO offering today:

  • PRO Research: 2x/month case studies, data-driven industry analysis, cheat sheets and full archive 

  • Exclusive Community: Fostering connections, discussions and and providing virtual events in a private group chat

  • Founder Calls & AMA’s: Join Marc, the FiftyOne Insight team, and invited leaders for thoughtful discussions at the intersection of emerging technologies and consumer engagement

  • Access to our Powerful Network: Facilitating strategic partnerships between brands and the leading solution providers in the space

In appreciation of your early support, we’re offering an introductory rate of 50% off our regular rate of $99/month. For a limited time, you can lock in an early bird rate of $49,50/month for the first three months.

In the next days, we’re also launching a new podcast. Stay tuned.

This is just the first step. In the coming months, you can expect even more robust offerings from FiftyOne as we continue to grow our ecosystem alongside our audience and execution partners.

We’re excited about building the future of consumer engagement and are thrilled to have you along for the ride. 

Talk soon, 

– Marc

PS: Interested in FiftyOne Labs? Reply to this email to reach out. 

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