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Robinhood, the popular stock and crypto trading app, is set to acquire Bitstamp for $200M. Will Robinhood become Coinbase before Coinbase becomes Robinhood?

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Crypto is set up for some big consolidation and IPOs.

Last week, the news broke:

  • Robinhood, the popular stock and crypto trading app, is set to acquire Bitstamp, one of the oldest crypto exchanges, for $200M in 2025.

  • Kraken in talks for pre-IPO fundraising round, IPO expected in 2025.

Why it’s important: Robinhood becomes a major international competitor for players like Coinbase and Binance.

It begs the question: Will Robinhood become Coinbase before Coinbase becomes Robinhood?

By the numbers: 📈

  • Robinhood had 13.7M active users in 2023

  • Bitstamp holds over 50 active licenses and registrations globally serving 5M users

  • Coinbase has around 100M registered and 10M monthly active users

What’s going on here? 🤨

What they’re saying: Maja Vujinovic, who is focused on M&A and technology integration, notes:

“Crypto is shaking up the financial system. The larger players can’t ignore it anymore. With the approval of ETFs, a broader institutional need to tokenize, and hundreds of stablecoins emerging globally, some parts of crypto will consolidate and M&A will intensify.”

– Maja Vujinovic

A look at previous M&A activity (non-exhaustive): 💰

  • 2024: CoinShares acquired Valkyrie Funds

  • 2024: SingularityNET,, and Ocean Protocol merged into the Artificial Superintelligence Alliance

  • 2024: Bitdeer Group acquired DesiweMiner

  • 2024: BitGo acquired Brassica

  • 2023: Ripple acquired Metaco for $250M

  • 2023: Hut 8 and US Bitcoin Corp merged

  • 2023: The Depository Trust and Clearing Corporation (DTCC) acquired Securrency for $50M

  • 2023: Securitize acquired Onramp Invest

  • 2023: Fireblocks acquired BlockFold for $10M

  • 2022: Coinbase acquired One River Digital Asset Management for $97M

  • 2021: PayPal acquired Curv for less than $200M

  • 2021: Coinbase acquired Bison Trails for more than $457M

  • 2021: Mastercard acquired CipherTrace

  • 2021: ING acquired Pyctor

  • 2021: Nike acquired RTFKT

  • 2018: Circle acquired Poloniex for $400M

  • 2018: Binance acquired Trust Wallet

  • 2018: Coinbase acquires for $100M

  • 2018: Kraken acquired Crypto Facilities for $100M

  • 2018: Lightyear Corp acquires Chain Inc for $350M

  • 2018: TRON Foundation acquires BitTorrent for $125M

Announced M&A deal activity in Q1 2024 was up 22% from the previous quarter, still below the pace of the peak year 2022.

Crypto is set up for some big consolidation and IPOs.

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