📝 #68: What now?

After Starbucks. Web3 loyalty for restaurants. BlackRock's first tokenized fund. RWA boom. London Stock Exchange launches ETN. Coinbase record volume. SBF gets 25 in prison. Top charts & more.

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This week, I published a case study on Gucci’s Web3 strategy for Harvard Business School. It’s also conference time again! Next week I’ll be at NFT NYC. Reach out by replying to this email.

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“Wheresoever you go, go with all your heart.”― Confucius

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  • Crypto Macro Summer kicks off. By Raoul Pal. Link

  • Memecoins as the New GTM Strategy. By Li Jin. Link

  • Why Brands Should Prepare for the Rise of Super Fans. By Paul Hiebert. Link

  • Content and engagement as social currency. By fil. Link

✨ Web3 & Brands

Starbucks is out – and now? 🤔

Many reached out to me asking what the end of Starbucks' Odyssey means for the Web3 consumer landscape as a whole.

A quick recap of the most important facts:

  • Starbucks announced the end of its Web3 loyalty program “Odyssey” by March 31. Link

  • Odyssey was seen as a benchmark of a Web3 loyalty play.

  • Polygon subsidized the program with $4M. Link

  • Starbucks made $1M+ revenue in year one, that’s about as much as one of its 38,000 stores globally.

What now?

We're entering a new phase of Web3 maturity, having seen many lackluster Web3 brand activations over the past two years.

What’s next? Brands want to:

  • solve real business problems (brand affinity, engagement, loyalty, cost savings, etc.)

  • generate actual ROI

This also means that Web3 isn’t just about NFTs anymore. Brands will start looking at this more holistically. Starbucks is a first inning of that.

Zooming out: We’re seeing four big shifts, driven by a variety of fintech tools, blockchain, disintermediation and decentralization:

  • From platforms —> network

  • From transactional incentives —> ownership incentives

  • From top-down —> bottom-up

  • From social relationships —> economically beneficial relationships

Punchline: Future brands will be hyper-personalized and make consumers to co-creators and co-owners with a stake in the value they help to create.

Food onchain in New York🍔

  • Blackbird sold out membership to its Blackbird Breakfast Club in less than 24 hours. Link

  • In 2022, Gary V’s Flyfish Club became the first restaurant to offer a token-gated member’s only private dining club. It has ,327 members and is on track to open in early 2024. Link

  • Best Dish Ever launched first tokenized community-owned media brand for foodies that’s pushing out high-quality content and real world restaurant perks for holders.

Zooming in: Blackbird has raised $24 million through a16z. It aims give many independent restaurants the means to identify and reward regulars for the first time.

How it works: Consumers earn rewards, restaurants earn tokens and receive valuable customer data.

Dive deeper: Web3, the future of loyalty? Read more.

Why it’s important: Blackbird is building an open, interoperable loyalty systems with onchain tokens. Interoperability is a key promise of Web3 based loyalty ecosystems, but it’s complex. Will food be the first working use case?

More on Web3:

🌎 Crypto & Macro

Tokenization takes off🚀

  • BlackRock launched its first tokenized fund, BUIDL, on Ethereum Link

  • It enjoyed strong demand in its first week, attracting $245M in deposits.

  • The volume on Google Search trends for RWA is now surpassing Gaming. Link

  • Boson1 recently launched "Fermion," a protocol tailored for transacting high-value assets. 

Zooming in: BlackRock's BUIDL, created with asset tokenization platform Securitize, is investment in a fund that holds U.S. Treasury bills and repo agreements. 

What they’re saying: BlackRock thinks that tokenization will be the “next generation for markets” and “monumental in shaping our ecosystem.”

By the numbers: 

  • The tokenized Treasury market has mushroomed over the past year, growing nine-fold from $100M in early 2023.

  • Boston Consulting Group (BCG) estimated tokenized assets could reach $16 trillion by 2030.

Why it matters: Tokenization makes a product more liquid, more secure, programmable and interoperable. With funds, this means instant settlement and around-the-clock subscriptions and redemptions.

  • J.P. Morgan started tokenising funds as a proof-of-concept last year.

  • UBS is testing a tokenized fund on Ethereum. 

Punchline: We’re seeing institutional adoption happening in real time.

More on Crypto:

  • The London Stock Exchange is set to go live with their own Exchange Traded Notes for BTC and ETH later in May. Link

  • A US judge sentences Sam Bankman-Fried to 25 years in prison. Link

  • Goldman Sachs sees a resurgence in crypto assets from hedge fund clients. Link

  • Coinbase International sees record daily trading volume in March. Link

🧠AI + Metaverse

  • Amazon invests another $2.75B in Anthropic, the second tranche of its planned $4B investment in the AI startup, after investing $1.25B in September 2023. Link

  • Tether, world’s largest stablecoin, creates unit focused on AI models to address real-world challenges. Link

🏗️ Start-ups & Tools to Watch

  • LimeChain: A leading blockchain consulting & development agency with 120+ chain-agnostic devs. Link*

*partner of Dematerialzd.

💰 Money Moves

  • 0G Labs: Blockchain developer raised $35M pre-seed funding to build scaling infrastructure for on-chain AI apps.

  • MyShell: Dragonfly Leads $11M Pre-Series A Round for Web3 AI Platform. Link

  • Parallel: Secures $35M Funding for Sci-Fi NFT Card Game. Link

  • Optimism to grant $3.3B in OP tokens to top ecosystem contributors. Link

That’s all for now, folks. Thank you for being part of the journey.Talk soon,

– Marc

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