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Hi, I’m Marc.

I’ve worked professionally in Web3 for 6+ years, most recently as the CMO of a large crypto company. On Dematerialzd.xyz I’m publishing obsessively curated field notes and actionable insights on crypto and Web3. I explain how brands can leverage Web3 to grow their business.

I’m an entrepreneur, researcher, and a global Web3 thought leader with a B2B audience of over 50k+ people. In 2016, I got involved in the blockchain ecosystem and helped to build up Bitcoin Suisse as the CMO. Today, I’m the CEO of FiftyOne Ventures, advising, scaling, investing, and researching on the future of consumer engagement across blockchain, data, gaming, and AI.

FiftyOne Ventures grows, scales and invests in the future of consumer engagement across blockchain, data, gaming, immersive commerce, and AI.

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